About Us

Centella Skincare was borne out of a desire to use natural plant ingredients to enhance and improve our skin without the need for harsh synthetic ingredients and unnecessary additives. My scientific background and my therapeutic experience as a medical herbalist places me in an ideal position to put my knowledge of the immense potential of botanical ingredients and an understanding of skin physiology into formulating a range of natural skincare products for all skin types.

The cosmetic and beauty industry is highly competitive with many companies making outrageous claims and startling 'breakthroughs' in skincare. Nowhere is this more apparent than in anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing creams, in addition to the more recent nanotechnology and venom-based products. My view is that Mother Nature has had the answers all along and good skincare requires effort on our part as well as simple, honest, pure and natural ingredients that have long traditions in other cultures having withstood the test of time without 21st century gimmicks and marketing hype.   

 Yaso Shan; Founding Member






                 Yaso Shan; Founding Member