All the products are botanical products with the main and active ingredients all derived from natural or plant sources formulated without the use of harsher synthetic (and in our view, unnecessary) chemicals as found in most of the high street brands. All fragrances are essential oil blends (with the only exception being musk which is a fragrance oil*); all from plants and even the cleansing agents/detergents in body washes are plant-derived.

The only synthetic ingredient in some of these products is the preservative which is not used in all products (eg. those that contain vitamin E because it is an antioxidant and therefore a natural preservative), only in some. Preservatives are a vital ingredient in skincare products as otherwise, the product will quickly become rancid causing it to degrade; this can produce toxic compounds which can prove harmful to the skin.

We are not fans of synthetic chemicals but the safety of any product is paramount and should not be compromised in the interests of being 100% ‘natural’, 100% ‘organic’ and 100% free of ‘chemicals’. The human body is full of organic chemicals and many brands play into our need for all things natural and combined with an unhealthy obsession with youth, the prices of some of these products are simply unjustified.

It is safe to say that no product can be truly 100% natural given our lifestyles. Most skincare products will last between 6-12 months with preservatives (otherwise it will last between 2-3 weeks at best and only in a fridge!). Please store products away from direct sunlight and in a cool place. Equally important is that none of the products have been tested on animals. The factsheet on basic skincare has been compiled for those who are interested in knowing more about skin health and good skincare regimes.

*fragrant oil is a synthetic version of the aromatic component(s) of the naturally-occuring counterpart

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