Our botanical skincare ingredients in all our products are derived from plants: trees, herbs, leaves, roots, bark, flowers, fruits, berries, seeds, nuts and vegetables. This means that each of the active constituents in our skincare products whether oil, herbal extract, juice, floral water,  essential oil, butter or wax has had the minimum amount of processing without the use of industrial solvents, synthetic chemicals, a cocktail of additives all purporting amazing benefits and unnecessary additional chemicals such as artificial colouring. Many of the commercial skincare products are mass produced and invariably based on synthetic by-products of the petrochemical industry which makes manufacturing cheap but also produces skincare products that are synthetic and artificial. These ingredients can often irritate the skin making it sensitive and can worsen existing skin conditions.

The harnessing of the highly desirable and natural active constituents from plants is painstakingly difficult, incredibly time-consuming and often very laborious. In reality therefore, all ingredients from plant-based sources require some degree of processing if they are to be useful and applicable for skincare products in addition to some degree of preservation if they are to last. We source all our ingredients locally wherever possible ensuring that our suppliers strictly adhere to sustainability principles and follow strong ethical business practices. None of our products has been tested on animals.