Streatham, London

Fragrance – all the products have a beautiful delicate fragrance. Love that subtle aroma which is very natural like actually sitting in a flower garden.

Massage and facial oils – a big plus point is how well the oil is absorbed by the skin leaving a non-greasy feel/look. Oils can often feel heavy and feel like they would stain clothing, linen but these are so light and well absorbed.

Moisturising – the main factor is how long the skin is moisturised for after application because I often get dry skin patches coming through a couple of hours after application but these had a long-lasting effect. My skin also felt so soft after applying it. Definitely a winner.

Packaging – I think in keeping with the natural and delicate theme, the packaging is perfectly suited. I love the look of the brand name. No heavy or unnecessary colour loading.

Biggleswade, Bedfordshire

The Relaxing Massage Oil is perfect for relaxation and unwinding. The massage oil has a beautiful calming aroma with a perfect balance of different fragrances coming through. My sore, achy muscles felt so much better after using this massage oil. I look forward to using it again.

The Beauty Serum is a gorgeous, non-greasy formula. My skin appeared instantly brighter. The serum was very moisturising and the skin felt more plump and soft. My daily moisturiser applied much easier and absorbed better after using the serum. Also my daughter thought it created a perfect base for applying her makeup afterwards.

Glastonbury, Somerset

I can’t recommend these products highly enough. The body wash is totally gorgeous. It smells divine and foams well without leaving a sticky residue on the skin. We use the baby massage oil on my daughter every night as the lavender smell helps to soothe her and it has become a very useful part of our bedtime routine together. It’s lovely being able to use a product where I 100% trust the ingredients and manufacturing process. Everything I’ve tried from this range has smelt wonderful and worked brilliantly.

Brighton, East Sussex

It is good to find an oil based hand moisturising product that doesn’t irritate my lab and gardening abused hands.

Brighton, East Sussex

The massage oil was amazing, the perfect lightness of oil to moisturise the skin and the aroma was delightful. I’d recommend this, it made me feel both pampered and tranquil.

Brighton, East Sussex

I am so enjoying using the beautiful skincare products, and my hubby too, particularly the after shave balm and shower gel. I never want them to run out! The balm is very soothing as I can easily get razor burn… so top marks! The shower gel smells amazing; the whole flat smells divine after we have used these products. Thank you so much.. I feel truly pampered.

London, UK

“The shower gel is wonderful, I absolutely adore the smell of this product. The facial oil is light and easily absorbed, the fragrance is a wonderful mixture. It makes my skin tingle delightfully and I look fresher somehow; I have quite dry skin and some darkening under the eyes and find this is improving and re moisturising the skin.”

Surrey, UK

“The hand wash and hand lotion set is amazing. They have a clean and refreshing fragrance which I really like and the wash is not too drying which I find most products are. The hand lotion is incredibly moisturising and has an elegant and floral fragrance which is pleasing and handy also as a hand cream.”

London, UK

“I love the moisturiser, it is very light on the skin and not too sticky/oily. I love the geranium smell and found it really uplifting.”

Surrey, UK

“Love it all, and I usually just put some body lotion on but I will be using the face cream, serum and body butter from now on…”