Cambridgeshire, UK

“Simply love the body wash and all the moisturisers. They’re amazing.”

Surrey, UK

“OMG, love them all. Smells good, feels good and know that it has been made with the best ingredients.”

Croydon, London, UK

“Loved the beauty serum, made my skin glow, did not affect my sensitive skin, has a really nice fragrance and liked by all at home.”

Haywards Heath, West Sussex

“I tried the massage oil recently and was very impressed. It got absorbed very quickly which I very much appreciate because a lot of oils don’t. So it gets a big thumbs-up from me straightaway. I like the idea with the essential oil to add extra-lovely fragrance.”

Sussex, UK

“The foot cream smells and feels lovely.”

London, UK

“Really liked the body butter product and it was another big hit at home. Lovely smell and consistency. I loved it!”

Cambridge, UK

“The hand cream gets absorbed very quickly and has a pleasantly fresh smell.”

London, UK

“The body lotion for men has a lovely smell and the moisturising effect is great for my dry skin. The after shave balm is also very soothing and I use it all the time now after shaving.”

London, UK

“I absolutely LOVE all the facial products, and I use these every day and night (which is pretty amazing, this is the first time in a long time I go to bed without my make-up still on!) It really opens my pores, I can feel it working and it makes me feel really refreshed.”

London, UK

“The facial oil is a big hit with me and I found myself using it in the morning instead of the serum. It has a really good consistency, absorbs well and my skin felt really moisturised after cleansing. I would even just use this oil without the moisturiser.”