Hamilton, Bermuda

“The products are all lovely. The soaps all have a very nice smell and lathered well. Also lasted for a good while.”

Brighton, East Sussex

“I was born with the auto immune syndrome psoriasis. As such, I have very sensitive skin, which is a constant problem for me, especially when I shave. I suffer terribly with razor burn and post-shaving rashes. For years, I have used every skincare product that is available on every high street, with various results of success. However, none has given me complete respite, from my sore skin, and the search for a better, more natural, and less chemical, solution to my malaise. So, when a friend bought me a jar of Centella aftershave balm, for Christmas 2018, I was immediately: delighted, impressed and satisfied with the results. After just one shave, and subsequent application of the balm, I noticed an immediate coolness that salved the razor burn. I was also intoxicated by the beautiful aroma of the natural fragrances of the balm’s ingredients. In fact, I was so impressed, I bought some shampoo, and conditioner, and some body lotion for men. I can categorically say that ,all of these products, have given me relief from the symptoms of psoriasis on every part of my body. As psoriasis is incurable, I know that a permanent remedy is impossible. However, since using the products, made at Centella, my everyday life is a lot more comfortable. I have re-ordered products a few times now, and I find every aspect of this company to be excellent. So, would I, should I and do I recommend Centella to family, and friends? Well, the answer to all three is : Yes, Yes Yes!”

Portslade, East Sussex

“I’m 70 something, and on Mother’s Day ( 2019 ), I received a lovely gift, (Centella moisturising cream ), from one of my sons. I am absolutely delighted with the high quality of this product. The cream itself, is of a beautiful, non-greasy, texture. The delicate, and subtle, hints of the scent of plants, contained in the aroma, is a stunning bonus. I would, and do, recommend Centella to everyone I know. I shall be reordering when I run low, as the whole experience is a wonderful alternative to high street brands.”

Haywards Heath, West Sussex

“I have used some of the Centella products personally and I have given Centella gift sets as presents. The body lotion and the moisturiser are fabulous – quickly absorbed, no greasy after-feel, and my skin liked them both very much! The gift sets have always been very well received: the lucky recipients love the fact that the products are totally natural, with no harmful ingredients, and have been personally formulated by Yaso herself. Which is precisely why I like them too, of course! And I have to say, the packaging for the gift sets is just lovely.”

Peacehaven, East Sussex

“I’m a 29 year old builder from Peacehaven, East Sussex. I have, for years, suffered with razor, burn and sensitive skin. As such, I used to shave once a week, as the soreness caused was too harsh for a daily shave. Now, however, I have a 1 year old daughter, who likes to cuddle up to me, so stubble is no longer an option. I tried all the well known brands of after shave balm, but none of them really solved the problem. Then, a workmate gave me some Centella after shave balm, and I immediately felt the soothing, calming effect it had on my face. So, now I can snuggle up to my little girl with ease, and she adores the sweet, aromatic scent on me. Thank you Centella, I can now shave every day with confidence”

Brighton, East Sussex

“I’m a 70 something mother of 6, grandmother of 11 and, now, a great-grandmother. I have always used moisturiser on my face as, living in Brighton, I am very susceptible to the ravages of the weather. I used to use a high street brand, but became disillusioned with it after my son explained just how this product was manufactured, and that is was possibly tested on animals, which is anathema to me. The answer to the conundrum I faced, came in the form of a jar of Centella moisturising cream. He told me all about the ethics of this company, and on that basis alone, I was immediately impressed. When I used it for the first time, I was overjoyed at the results. I found that just a little of the cream went a long way, was non-greasy, and it seemed that my skin had found it’s ideal mate. The delicacy of the aromatic scent, really is a fantastic experience, and all of my family, and friends have made positive comments about the glowing appearance of my skin. So, do your skin, and yourself, a great service, and treat yourself to some of the excellent range of products available exclusively from Centella”

Hove, East Sussex

“I’m a 47 year old female and have over 20 years experience as a qualified aromatherapist, and I have long held the belief that, the secrets to every aspect of our lives, can be found in nature. Our skin is especially vulnerable to the weather, so a good skincare regime is essential to our overall health, and well being. As such, I am acutely aware of the detrimental effects that ‘ high street’ products can have on our skin and, by the process of osmosis, the potential of internal problems has to be a consideration too. As such, I was delighted when my best friend introduced me to the magical world of Centella. He bought me some: moisturiser, night serum shower gel and night cream. I have to say, quite candidly, that these products are of the highest order.The effects they promise are, in my opinion, 100% accurate. Indeed, many of my friends, colleagues and contemporaries have made comments as to their: texture, scent and the overall appearance of my skin. So, when people ask me how I keep my skin in such good condition, I simply reply, ‘ it’s down to : water, diet, sleep and good skincare products’. I then show them my own collection of Centella products, and they are all extremely interested in them. So. would I recommend Centella to you? Absolutely, as they are all natural, and ethically sourced, it makes total sense to invest my money here, rather than with the mainstream producers of skincare producers. But that’s only my opinion, why not try them for yourself, as only then can you be sure of their : authenticity, excellence and value for money. Plus, you will be doing much to help the environment, which can never be a bad thing, can it?”